The Sri Arunachala Jnanadesikar Swami Temple and Mutt (Aadheenam or monastery)  in Panchanadikulam, Vedaranyam in the district of Nagapattinam in South India is part of the ancient KAILASA religious kingdom called Kailaasa Paramparagatha Surya Vamsa Panchanadikulam Sarvajnapeetham. It  comes under the Sri Kashi Vishwanathar temple in Thanjavur owned by The Supreme Pontiff Of Hinduism. 

The presiding deity of this mutt is Lord Paramaśiva. Paramaśiva’s direct representative and heir is the Pontiff of the mutt. 

Panchanadikulam in Vedaranyam served as housing for devotees. It feeds devotees who visit the temple of Vedaranyeshwar, the temple dedicated to Śiva, located in the town of Vedaranyam in Tamil Nadu, India.

The region was part of the Chola Kingdom of ancient India – KAILASA. The Pontiffs educated, groomed and initiated the Chola Kings to rule as per the methods prescribed in the sacred scriptures. The kings were the regents who administered the people while the Pontiffs were the owners.

Reign of The Chola Kingdom Circa 1000 CE

Some of the earlier Pontiffs of Panchanadikulam Mutt

  1. Sri Arunachala Jnanadesika Swamigal
  2. Sri Vengatasala Swamigal
  3. Sri la Sri Sivasubramaniyananda Swamigal
  4. Sri Atmananda Swamigal

Coronation of The SPH

Video  of Coronation of The Supreme Pontiff Of Hinduism:

Video  of Coronation of The Supreme Pontiff Of Hinduism:

April 15 2014 – Swami Atmananda legally declaring The Supreme Pontiff Of Hinduism as the Pontiff for the three ancient Mutts (and hence King of the three Kingdoms) in Tiruvarur, Thanjavur and, Panchanadikulam and Vedaranyam

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